Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

The City of Temiskaming Shores joined the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Partners for Climate Protection program in 2018 to assist in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. As the City is a major emitter of greenhouse gasses through its operations of motor vehicles, operations of various buildings and provider of various services to the public it should be a part of the solution to climate change. Further, a reduction in the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted directly benefits the city by reducing the cost of utilities and fuel.

As part of the program, the City is to work through five milestones over a 10-year period.

  • Milestone 1: Create a Baseline Emissions Inventory and Forecast
  • Milestone 2: Set Emissions Reduction Targets
  • Milestone 3: Develop a Local Action Plan
  • Milestone 4: Implement the Local Action Plan
  • Milestone 5: Monitor Progress and Report Results

The City commissioned VIP Energy Services to create a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan which would complete milestones one, two and three of the program.

The City is welcoming comments from the public from November 4, 2020 until December 4, 2020.  Comments will be summarized in a report to council at the December 15, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council.